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We still have pumpkins and squash in all sizes 

Our minimum order is one pallet of pumpkins

To get a quick quote email or call us and let us know how many of each size you would like, your delivery address and suitable delivery dates!

Hatfield Park Pumpkins

About Hatfield Park Pumpkins

We have been pumpkin wholesalers for 9 years now, and we pride ourselves on producing top quality pumpkins for both wholesale and retail outlets no matter what their requirements! So if you are looking for bulk pumpkins for Hallowe'en or for the kitchen table we are certain we will be able to help! 

Our Farm is based in the South East of England, near London, but we are able to supply across the whole of the UK through an external delivery company.

Our customer base is growing year on year, and this year we would like you to be one of them! So please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Please see below for more information on what we have to offer.

Wholesale Pumpkins

Hallowe'en Pumpkins!

We grow 5 different varieties of pumpkins to ensure that we can produce pumpkins from as small as 2kg to over 15kg! Below is a rough size guide for the pumpkins we offer, but please note that every pumpkin is different and these are just approximations:



Our small pumpkins are generally 15cm to 20cm and can provide a variety of decorative purposes.


Our medium pumpkins are typically between 20cm and 27cm. They are perfect for carving and are usually slightly bigger than a football


Our large pumpkins are around 25cm to 33cm and can allow customers to produce some very impressive art work! 


Our giant pumpkins are over 30cm and can grow as big as 40cm! As you can see from the photo they create fantastic display pieces to provide customers with a wow factor! 

Important Information

  • Our minimum order is 1 pallet of pumpkins

  • We can deliver across the entire UK



Home: Our Products


We are able to provide your pumpkins in either the cardboard bins as shown above, or alternatively we can provide the pumpkins for a cheaper price in our larger wooden boxes, as shown on the right (6 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet).

The wooden boxes allow some of our customers to differentiate from supermarkets and provide a more 'rustic' product. However, please note that the wooden boxes have to be returned to our farm after their use.



We provide a variety of different squashes in all shapes and sizes! From our giant white 'snowman' pumpkins to our tiny munchkin pumpkins! Please do not hesitate to get in contact to find out more!


Pick Your Own Pumpkin

We also run our own Pumpkin Patch at Hatter's Farm


If you would like to find out about the thousands of different squash and pumpkins you can come and pick for yourselves, please click the link below!

Home: Contact

Get in touch!

If you are interested in getting a quote or finding out more about what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to get in contact by either emailing or ringing Ross on his mobile today!


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