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Our Products

Our bulk pumpkins come in four sizes:


Small           14-20cm

Medium      19-25cm 

Large           25-33cm

 Giant           30-40cm+

As well as our fantastic wholesale pumpkins we also grow over 8 different varieties of wholesale squash. Varieties available include:

  • Crown Prince

  • Turks Turban

  • Orange and White Munchkins

  • Celebration

  • Onion

  • Polar Bear

  • Goosebump

Squash are typically supplied as mixed squash bins (a full pallet) or a squash bundle. Our squash bundles are made up of 100 squash which can sit on top of 2 pallets of orange pumpkins.


We pride ourselves on providing an absolutely top quality service and product. 

Our pumpkins can either be delivered in cardboard bins on pallets, or for very large orders (at least 42 boxes) we can also supply them in wooden potato boxes.

Get in touch today by emailing us at

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